Catrien Ariëns

Documentary photography and video

©2013 Catrien Ariëns • Design UD

Women and the Catholic Church

1982 – 1985  

My motivation for this project came from my curiosity and interest in a world wherein I grew up but which after school years has barely played a role.

The Catholic church in the Netherlands changed enormously in a short period of time. These photographs illustrate the traditional role of the religious orders and the laity in their subservient  place within the church as well as their attempts at finding  a new position and a new way of dealing with the liturgy and religious service. There was an exhibition of these photographs at the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch and they were published in a book, Dienstmaagd des Heren by Waanders.

Den Haag, temporary vow of a Little Sister of Jesus

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